By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Homepark continues to be the address of luxury.

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About ILAG

Intelligent Living Application Group, ILAG, is a group of companies to make life safer and smarter by designing and producing affordable, high-quality locksets and smart security systems.


We bring intelligent thoughts, sound thoughts, and good idea into practicable solutions to provide a better, smarter, and safer living place for home users.



With our years of operation history, we have built a loyal and well-trained work force and manufacturing management, which can drive manufacturing facility expansion without additional talent.


Along with long-term relationships with reputable customers and recent access to e-commerce channels, we are 100% committed and satisfactory guarantee to our valuable customers with our products.


What We Do

We provide our own design including both appearance of the product and its mechanism to support our OBM sector and to our valuable clients

Future Development

As the popularity of internet and the uptrend of using internet, we will keep on research and develop any sound thoughts IoT solutions related to home security and will make it into a practicable products to support our OBM and ODM business.